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Opie distinguished himself at an early age when his Bumble Bees were voted best in third grade and hung on the bulletin board outside the Principals office at PS 33 for a month.

Linda doesn't remember third grade.

Encouraged by his early success, Opie took music lessons, studied art for three years at SVA and honed his craft. He joined the Raspberries after their 3rd album, played Carnegie Hall at age 24 and Madison Square Garden at 29. He's played with major bands and music legends and was part of the Cleveland All-Star Band for the Topping Off Ceremony of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, performing with Jerry Lee Lewis and other music icons. Discipline was his middle name.

Linda, being adopted, never knew her middle name, assumed Peter Pan was her biological father and became a self taught free-spirited artist, author and workshop instructor.

When their paths crossed (collided) in '84, they discovered they were opposite sides of the same coin... Soulmates!

While their individual styles complimented each other, as a team they truly excelled and Burnt Offerings Studio is the result of their combined efforts, although due to Lindaís health issues, Opie is the driving force behind it.

Their work includes mixed media dada dolls, jewelry, handmade and altered books, assemblage, mixed media paper collage and metal collage, digital art, sketching, non-traditional printmaking, pyrography, masks, original music and more, and over the years have taught workshops both nationally and internationally.

Their latest passion is Zentangle, and they are Certified Zentangle Teachers. If youíre not familiar with it, Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. This fascinating new art form is both fun and relaxing while increasing focus and creativity and also provides artistic satisfaction and a heightened sense of personal well being. Itís the brainchild of Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts and this intuitive art-form can be enjoyed by a wide range of skills and ages and easily incorporates into many fields of interest. Anyone can do it and the fact you can deliberately relax and intentionally direct your attention while creating beautiful works of art is an empowering and uplifting experience.

Originally from N.Y.C., they now live on Lake Erie in Ohio with their cat Angelus and his cat Angel.

They appreciate the unusual and collect everything from space toys to burial dolls. These themes influence their work which has been featured in over 30 books including several of Larks 500 Handmade Series and in magazines including Cloth Paper Scissor, Belle Armoire, Art Doll Quarterly, Somerset Studio, Legacy, Handcrafted, the Craft Report and more - in addition to art galleries, museum gift shops and both group and solo shows.

Our artist statement: "We are caretakers of the mundane and the ordinary. We work with organic, recycled and found materials, because they seem to have a voice that must be heard... a story that must be told... and a life that would otherwise be too soon forgotten".

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If you are interested in either a private or 2-4 people studio workshop in Zentangle, Jewelry Techniques, Book Arts, Metal Collage, Dada Dolls, or Mixed Media - please email for more information or any questions.


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