... I try never to miss a Burnt Offerings workshop. I know that I will walk away having learned a great deal; will have had at least one "AHA" moment where I've learned a trick or technique that makes life so much easier; and (and it's a big AND) I always have more fun than should be allowed! You are talented, genuine and I always enjoy my time with you."

... Love, Love, Love your book, "Metal Craft". I checked it out of our public library Monday morning and then ordered it from Amazon.com Monday night! ... Your book connected all the dots and opened my eyes to something I am good at! Your techniques and instructions are wonderfully easy to follow and offer foundational knowledge that marries well with past classes and speaks to my inner gatherer and assembler! ... Thank you for taking the risk of being so generous with your skills and techniques.

... you deserve every bit of the kind words folks have to say about you and your classes. I took Tintastic my first artfest several years ago and had a wonderful time. Opie, you really made me giggle at how sincere you were about saving us the embarrassment of wet pants from condensation in the privy. I will never forget that. I think what impressed me most about the workshop, is your generosity. It’s so refreshing to be in the presence of people who truly love and respect one another. That warmth and caring extends to your students and is deeply appreciated.

... bon voyage and safe travel. most of the entourage i am bringing to artfest are taking your classes. you are a delight to be with in any place. can't wait to see you...

... It was great studying with you in France – what an unforgettable experience on so many levels. you really break a class down into steps that make the process go very smoothly. You have a vast area of expertise and I love the fact that you aren't shy about saying what you think! Such a hoot! OOH LA LA!

... I took your Flat to Stacked class last year, and it was wonderful. I have done jewelry before, but not a lot of sheet metal. You’re great about giving students extra help and encouragement and have an excellent teaching style. You'll come away with a bracelet so cool, you (and everyone who sees it) will marvel at the fact that you made it yourself. The supplies for the class were ones that you'll use again for other mixed media projects involving metal. And the class (I think) is easier than it might sound.

... I second that! Burnt Offerings classes are terrific and this one in particular will actually be very easy. You'll learn some great techniques and come away with something terrific! I'm hoping to get into it; I took the TinTastic two years ago and it really got me hooked on metal.

... I third this motion! I too took this class last year and loved – loved - loved it! I had never made any kind of jewelry before this, and I came away w/ a kick ass bracelet! I loved it a lot!!! Have fun- hope you get in!

... I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class at Art & Soul in VA. I was in the earrings class, and had a great time. You managed to impart a lot of information and still be fun at the same time. I wear my "swabbie" and "wench" tintype earrings all the time.

... I had a great time with you. It's so much fun being around so many creative souls. And it was fun watching how much respect and admiration people have for you. I loved watching that.

... I took a class out of my comfort zone – Flat to Stacked - a class in which we made a bracelet. I had never done anything w/ jewelry, (jump ring? What’s that Opie?) And yet I came out of this class with a beautiful FINISHED bracelet. This class was truly amazing!

... i want to thank you for the wonderful class at artfest. this was the first time that i ever did anything like this and i enjoyed your class very much. you would be very proud of me now i have practiced wrapping and cutting metal and i have greatly improved since last week. and the one thing i truly liked about you above all else is all of your honesty about the process of creating.

... I was in your "Flat to Stacked" workshop last weekend and absolutely loved it! You were wonderful.

... What a delight Sat's class was for me. I really needed to play and learn - and I did both. You are a hoot and a half and made the day a wonderful adventure. Can't wait till the next time.

... One of my favorite classes of all time was your class on making charms out of tin cans. Was thrilled when you later came out with a book, which is fantastic.

... I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the classes I took from you in Dallas. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, energy and humor. I hope to see you again sometime.

... I just wanted to drop you a line and say how fun your class was! i love my bracelet and the best part is i feel i could make another with the great instruction we got. I have had a great time showing my friends what wonderful things can be made with tin.

... I want to thank you for such a fun time in Mexico - really enjoyed every aspect of it and learned a lot - especially that it isn't tooo hard to work outside of the box. Thanks for your encouragement and for all the laughs.

...Words cannot be found to describe the week in paradise that we all experienced..... my brain is still spinning from all the wonderful ideas, demonstrations, and knowledge that we all gained. The book and the jewelry piece were a perfect pairing to bring the right amount of information to the class.....*IT WAS WONDERFUL*..... as were you!

... I attended your workshop in Columbus and became tee-totally enamored with metal working. Your book has lots of bang for my creative bucks and I’m having a ton of fun. Your creations are so fascinating. It is kind of monty python meets da vinci in home depot. I really like it, seems very natural to me.

... You are very personable and had lots of interesting information to share, and you were more than willing to share it. You’re very giving, patient and helpful. It was really nice to have the extra time after the class on Sat. to just continue working even though "teaching" time was over, I was impressed that you were still very willing to answer questions as you packed up.

... Your workshop was fabulous. I was a happy happy camper. It was nice to get away and relax -- and get inspired in the process. I learned new techniques -- left with oodles of ideas. You were beyond organized. The class moved along, and we got to do everything they promised. And you even surprised us with a couple of "extras" - e.g., how to wrap wire to make "dangles" (can't think of the proper term at the moment, but you know what I mean!). You were more than willing to explain techniques, recommend favorite tools and products, and offer suggestions. Your own work is excellent and original, and you are a fountain of shared sources, inspiration and ideas. The provided kit was more than complete. I liked the way you kept handing out pieces as we were ready for them. Really nice embellishments-- enough to make the three mesh pages and have something on every page. Finally, you have such a unique sense of humor. Not a requirement, but it certainly made the class pleasurable.

... Excellent, good information well presented. Even treatment of all participants. All materials needed available. Great handouts. I enjoyed you and your teaching style a lot.

... So delightful, patient and helpful. The material that was covered was extensive yet you encouraged everyone to go their own way. Very casual and laid back. I enjoyed you very much. So very knowledgeable, helpful and well prepared. everything we needed was supplied.

... You are the best!!! I have always been in awe of your work, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from you... you really worked one-on one with everyone in the class...I learned SO much...it was the best weekend I could have ever asked for!!!! You are awesome, and so willing to share your techniques with others.

... It was great to see you again. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to have fun. We always have such a great time in your classes.

... Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class (A Fine Mesh) and after seeing the generations necklace a lot of folks were wearing I was sorry I didn't get down for the whole weekend. Thanks again for a wonderful, creative class. Looking forward to seeing you at Art & Soul.

... Special thanks are in order for burnt offerings! I had registered for the Tin Nicho Jewelry class, but due to a death in my family, I wasn't able to attend. I wrote a week after the class and asked if I could get directions for the project I missed. And what happened next? I received a beautiful, FINISHED pendant that I will always cherish. I'd certainly sign up for a class again. (And hopefully get to go next time!) Thanks again, you are the best!

... I wanted to thank you for providing a thoroughly enjoyable workshop that was filled with inspiring information. The other day, I was walking barefoot in the backyard of a friend and stepped on a rusty nail. (OUCH!) Fortunately it just scraped my foot....no big deal, but it did hurt. First thing that came into my mind was "I wonder if Opie would want that nail." I am NOT making that up!

... Just to let you know, you've created a monster. I loved your classes and thank you again for your patience and help and encouragement. This weekend is the first time I've ever walked out with a finished product. What a high! Thank You So Very, Very much for being you!

... My daughter and I took your Friday class at Artfest. I just wanted to tell what a great time we had and how much we enjoyed your class. We learned a lot and will have fun making tin charms at home. Thank you again for a terrific time.

... Just wanted to once again thank you for a great weekend. I spoke with many of the ladies there and they were pleased with your teaching methods, generous kits, and supplies for sale. The passion you have for teaching and your art made the classes fun and productive. You are extremely generous with your knowledge and all of us appreciated that.... especially the first timers. I feel very fortunate to have finally gotten to take some of your classes.

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