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so what exactly is Zentangle? well, if we had to put it in a sentence, I suppose we’d say it’s kind of like doodling … but with intent … so it’s actually not doodling. like many of you, we’ve doodled our entire life (who hasn’t). we did it in school, on the phone, while daydreaming, but the end results were more like absent-minded scribbles. a Zentangle is the form created on a 3.5 inch tile, with patterns referred to as tangles. works using these patterns but differing in size and shape and surface, are called ‘Zentangle-Inspired Art’ or (ZIA).

creating a Zentangle is an abstract, yet intentional, process that involves you, a pen, a pencil and a tile (paper). it’s relaxing, quiets your mind, improves your concentration, and helps relieves stress. the brainchild of maria thomas and rick roberts, Zentangle allows you to create beautiful images from repetitive patterns, one stroke at a time. and while it may look complicated – it’s really not. there are no preconceived expectations, so your end result is always pleasing and anyone can do it. yes anyone! people often tell us that they are neither: creative, artistic, or talented, but we disagree.

if you can hold a pen, then you can Zentangle. anywhere, anytime, anybody! to quote rick, it’s something you could do at low tide with a stick. the supplies are so minimal and portable – and the fact that it seamlessly incorporates itself into several mediums, such as journaling, jewelry making, watercolor, or wherever your imagination leads you – is the main reason we were attracted to it to begin with. below are a few examples to give you an idea of what Zentangle and ZIA is, but if you’d like to learn more about this fascinating art form, visit our blog for new and updated information, examples, and links.

an eclectic mix of the different types of Zentangle tiles

weve put together the perfect Zentangle Sampler Kit in our Etsy Shop - it has a little bit of everything

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