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call them what you will, basically they are all opposite sides of the same coin.

each piece on this page was born from our desire to use found and recycled materials to create self-contained environments.

my work has a commonality that pays homage to the feminine mystique - the Goddess - who in her numerous manifestations has danced at the very heart of the great traditions and is the embodiment of female strength and wisdom. maybe this is because i am a Pisces and believe i am an old soul ... who's to say!

opie's work on the other hand, focuses more on pre-columbian, religious and sci-fi pulp fiction iconography and whatever happens to capture his Gemini fancy at any given moment.

on the other side of the coin, both of us share a passion for the whimsical and the absurd and it is through our duality that we best compliment each other.

Circus Acts

Land of Enchantment

Prom Night

La Mer

Sailor's Wedding

Land of Opportunity

Land of Opportunity Open

Santo Frida


Portal of Cronos

Portal of Cronos open

Honoring the Goddess

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