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our instruments are all made from hard-shelled Lagenaria gourds and (depending on which instrument it is) either birch or cedar - deer or goat skin - semi-precious stones - beads- and bricks and beach glass from Lake Erie.

"The Visitor" won Showtime T.V.'s Alien Art Contest and "The Nagual" was on display in The Museum of Pyrography in Australia. Xibalba and The Gathering were featured in the Book and CD: Making Gourd Musical Instruments by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess.

our "guiros" resemble either animals or heads and are played across the ridges with a stick in the Afro-Cuban tradition. the animals are on a stationary base, while the heads were designed to be removed and played by inserting your thumb and index finger through the eyeholes.

drums are believed to have been the first instrument. they were used to communicate between villages...they were used in both ritual and ceremony...and they are still used today! our rattles are inspired by the Rock-Art found throughout the Southwest and Australia of various Spirit Helpers and Sacred Symbols. many of our drums and rattles are used in todays drum circles and sweat lodges.

Mictlantecuhtli (side view)


Mictlantecuhtli (back view)

The Nagual

The Nagual (side view)

The Visitor

The Visitor (side view)

Tlaloc Drum

Ancestor Guiro

Spirit Drum


The Witz Creature

The Hunter & The hunt


Ceremonial Rattle

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