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digitography is the phrase we use to describe the results we get when we combine Digital Art with our original Photography.

and over the years we’ve taken lots – and lots – and lots of photographs.

fast forward to todays exciting age of computers and the ever-growing choices of photo altering software available, combined with the magic of a wacom drawing tablet … and voila!

this has made the urge to explore this relatively new but totally unique medium a new obsession.

suddenly ... photographs, drawing, sketching, watercolor and all related painting mediums seem redefined with an end result that becomes more than the sum of their original parts.

and when you add a Canon T2I and several Lomography cameras into the mix … well … that’s when the magic really happens!

so even though we’re only in the beginning baby-step, toes in the water stages so to speak, we know without doubt that this is a gallery we will definitely be adding to over time, so we invite you to come back and visit us often - both here and on our blog - to see new works and the progress we’re making.

sketching with traditional pen & ink, is something we both enjoy, so we've decided to include them here, to add a yin-yang balance to it all.




St. Julia

Mismatched Shoes


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