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since antiquity, masks have been considered both mysterious and captivating and have been associated with magic, ritual, drama, dance and anthropology.

a mask is an artificial face, and when it is placed over a real face, the wearer becomes transformed.

since our first trip to Mexico, Opie and I have been fascinated with masks and have collected them, not only from Mexico, but from Africa as well.

our Sigi mask from the Dogon tribe in Africa, celebrates a Sigi ritual held every sixty years to commemorate the making of the Great Mask of the Dead and is one of our prized possessions.

the masks we create are contemporary interpretations of this time-honored tradition and are purely decorative and meant to be hung on a wall. they are usually made from (but not limited to) hard-shelled gourds combined with various embellishments including: raffia, wire, beads, found objects, and other unique and unusual items.

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