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the term collage derives from the French "coller" meaning glue.

this term was coined by both George Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of modern art and entails much more than the idea of gluing something onto something else.

basically collage began with paper, moved to canvas, and then graduated to wood, although there are many who believe this all happened simultaneously. no matter!

our interest in metal collage began with our first book Metal Craft Discovery Workshop. in it we showcased a simplistic mixed media metal collage called Family Tree which featured my relatives.

we replaced paper, canvas, glue and brushes for wood, tin, metal, hammer and nails. we played, experimented and expanded on this concept by throwing into the mix: colorful tin cans, sheet metals, aluminum, rust, imagery, 3-dimensional objects and more, until eventually we arrived at this current series known as: Collage � Trois.

Genuine Classics

Family Tree

Mixed Vegetable Flakes



Perfect Mixture

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